My First Pizza Blog

My Margherita

I love Pizza it’s as simple as that.I could probably eat pizza everyday for the rest of my life for breakfast lunch and dinner.If I was on death row a simple pizza margherita would be it. I think about it often and I even dream about it. I enjoy making it for others and love when people ask me to make more of it. I love tinkering with the dough recipes and I will even start to make my own cheeses for my pizzas. Is that crazy?  Maybe but I can’t help it. I make my pizzas in my home oven that of course only goes up to 550 degrees and this is fine for most dough recipes. I must say I try to be as authentic as possible to the real Neapolitan standards and this includes using Caputo 0o flour. I have tried to make pizzas with this flour and it is meant to be used with high oven temps around 800-1000 degrees obviously using a wood fire oven.


Perfect Pesto

They did not come out bad just didn’t get the color on the crust I was looking for and baking them for longer periods of time trying to get that color makes the crust very cracker like Reason being in traditional Neapolitan dough there are just 4 ingredients the flour water salt and yeast. So you will not get the color from the lack of oil and sugar.Since I don’t have access to a wood burning oven one ( one day I will build one in my backyard) I have no choice but to use my home oven with a a good pizza stone.  I got my recipe for my final dough from a mix of trial and error and from Peter Reinharts American pie.


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3 responses to “My First Pizza Blog

  1. Joe

    I Cant wait to have your Pizza! I love gorganzola on my Pizza…. How can you make that homemade? What does it take? and pare that with prochutto… Im in heaven.

  2. dee

    I loved it the crust was so crisp the melted cheese was so good the sauce forgetaboutit I felt like i was in Italy again . everything was homemade from the crust the sauce the cheese you had to be there to taste it DELICIOSO

  3. Goodness, the last meal ever choice of pizza is something I’ve also (weirdly) thought about and I definitely agree with your choice!

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